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Miss Wizz Jewellery

I’m an Art Clay World accredited Higher Level Silver Clay artist and tutor, running workshops across the Cotswolds and online.

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What Is Silver Clay?

Silver Clay is a  magical material. It is made from extremely fine particles of recycled Silver, mixed with an organic binder and water to produce a putty type material. You shape it like modelling clay, roll it, texture it, mould it... The possibilities are endless. Once its dry, it can be refined, and multiple parts can be attached. After that, its fired to burn off the binder, all the particles of silver fuse together and  you're left with solid hallmarkable silver. Metal clays come in a variety of metals - gold, sterling silver, bronze and  copper - and more come to the market each year. Its a wonderful satisfying process which I look forward to sharing with you.

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My Story

I create imaginative pieces of fine art jewellery in Silver Clay, capturing inspiration ranging from the engineering innovations of the industrial revolution, to the beautiful countryside of my Cotswold home. 
Through extensive materials exploration during my degree, and continuing my journey with different mediums, I developed a passion for Silver Clay. 

Silver Clay became a form of therapy during a difficult time in my life; it gives me focus and escapism. It allows me to express my creativity in pieces that are meaningful to the individual, encompassing emotion.

It's my privilege to share my passion with my students. I love to watch their pieces develop, as they themselves develop skills and confidence with the magic of Silver Clay

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