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A Bit About Me

Born and raised in Hampshire in the shadow of the South Downs, I spent my summers traveling to local vintage vehicle gatherings with our family collection of vehicles. I still have two of my late father's steam engines, which I love taking to shows. Childhood winters were spent getting paint on my bedroom carpet. I was always creative. At school I was clever, but it was art that fed my imagination.

So at college I studied graphics and physics, and went on to do a BTEC in 3D Design at Rochester's University College for Creative Arts. Wanting to be nearer my family, I transferred to Portsmouth University for my degree, again in 3-Dimensional Design. 

Whilst at University, I discovered a love for traditional fairground art, and studied sign-writing alongside my degree. This led me to become acquainted with a traveling fairground family in Sussex. When I graduated, I moved into the fairground yard and travelled with them. It was a privilege to witness and be a part of their traditional way of life.

It was whilst living with the fair that I developed a love for all things 1950’s; learning to Jive and featuring in a Pinup Calendar. 

After six years with the fair, I moved to Wiltshire. For a long time I had been suffering with a severe nerve condition in my face and, in 2016, I had brain surgery to help resolve it.

It was in 2017 that my mother and I attended a one day Silver Clay workshop. The rest, as they say, is history. I quickly got to grips with the material and began creating. Eventually, people stared asking for commissions, and so Miss Wizz Jewellery was born. In 2019 I took my Art Clay World Diploma Level 1, followed by Level 2, a year later. These qualifications enabled me to teach this incredible art form and share the magic with others. During the Covid lockdown, I took the opportunity to study for and gain a PMC qualification.
I now have a bespoke teaching space  in Melksham and my Higher Diploma in Silver Clay enabling me to teach Level one and two diplomas so look forward to welcoming you for workshops very soon.

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