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Is there an item of jewellery you have been dreaming of, but never seen it in a shop? Would you like a bespoke piece, but actually aren't sure what you're looking for? I can help! Contact me to start your jewellery journey today.

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A Present for Poppy

When Poppy was born in December 2020, her Grandfather came to me asking for a piece of jewellery as a gift, but he didn't know what that might be. We discussed pendants and rings, neither of which felt right. Finally, we settled on a charm bracelet with a Poppy, a 'P', a sunrise, and two flags representing her parents. This is a beautiful gift, which Poppy will hopefully add memories to over the years.


Kathy's Ring

Kathy saw a ring I had made for an exam, and loved it. Of course, I wasn't going to sell my exam piece, so I made another for her. She had the opportunity to have it how she wanted; she picked the stone and the texture round the band and it was made to her size. One of the things I loved, whilst creating this piece, was sending Kathy work-in-progress photos and getting her reaction at each stage. It is truly magical for a client to witness the creation of their unique piece.


A Family of Peridot.

When Sara's father died in 2019, she wanted to buy something for herself and her two daughters to remember him by. His birthstone was Peridot, so I made them a selection of earrings, which they all wore to the funeral. They may be small and understated, but the three pairs are a family in memory and enhance a connection between a mother and her daughters.


Holiday Memories

Lucy wanted penguins, specifically a Rockhopper penguin! She sent me a photo she had taken on holiday. I replicated the outlines in silver and created earrings. The tummies are mirror finished, whilst the bodies and wings have a satin finish, giving a delightfully subtle contrast.


Alison's Ring

All Alison said was "Dainty, Retro, Amethyst and Peridot". This gave me an incredible free range to create a ring. I was over the moon with it and so was she. She wears it everyday. This is sterling silver, a coil band set with a Marquis Amethyst Cubic Zirconica, and two round Peridot Cubic Zirconica.


1st Anniversary

It was Kat and Graham's first wedding anniversary, but like most men, he didn't know where to start with jewellery. I asked him to send me a photo of the wedding dress. It was embroidered with hearts and daisies. I made half a dozen hearts and half a dozen daisies, arranged and rearranged them until we had something beautiful. Amethyst is her favourite colour. I hear she hasn't taken it off since he gave it to her.

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