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Grace's Secret Ring

I'm proud and excited to announce my first video tutorial.

Grace's Secret Ring.

Creating the ring has been fun, and I've been enjoying playing with different colours and shapes of stones. But for me the real triumph has been the tutorial its self.

I was fairly confident I could record it in short clips on my phone, but I didn't know what to do with those clips - how to string them together into a coherent tutorial.

I researched various video editing apps I'd need and downloaded one. Watched some YouTube vidoes on how to edit a video, and then I just dived right in. It took me a few days of figuring out, a lot of trial and error, and the video I've published is actually version 2.

Then once I had the video, all tied together and looking pretty, I had to find out how to publish it. I wasn't aware this website had a video hosting feature, so I researched ways to send or download videos, setting up a YouTube chanell... all sorts. Then in the process of renewing the subscription for the website for the next year, I discovered I could host the video right here.

So there it is. I'm kinda proud of myself for the technology side of this. I'm not a computer geek so filing, editing and publishing this has been a huge step for me.

Fingers crossed it'll lead to more video tutorials to come in future.

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