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Covid-19 Procedures

Wow, this this boring, but so important!

With lockdown easing, Miss Wizz is proud and excited to welcome students into her studio to learn the magic of Silver Clay. But with everything that has happened during the pandemic, classes have had to evolve to keep everyone safe. Please see below the guidelines in place at Middle Shed Studio to keep yourself, and everyone else, safe. 

Standard Studio Rules

> Closed shoes, no baggy clothes, hair tied back. 

> No eating in the studio, drinks in a closed bottle only. 

> The day can be intense, if you need a break, let me know. 

> Do not touch anything you are unsure of, or do not have my permission to use. Everything you need will be provided and training given. 

> Please don't cut or stab yourself. If you do, please don't bleed in the Silver Clay (I have a first Aid kit available)

> Finally, Wizz's word is final. 

New Covid Rules and Actions. 

> Firstly, keeping you and everyone else safe is my top priority (closely followed by having a fun relaxing day). 

> If Possible, please do a home covid test prior to leaving home. If you have any symptoms or a positive test DO NOT COME. Let me know, and we'll re-arrange your workshop. I will do a test the morning of the workshop and if I have any symptoms or any doubt at all, I will call you to rearrange your workshop. 

> Please wash your hands before leaving home, and on arrival at the studio. Sanitiser reacts with the Silver Clay so we will adhere to strict handwashing instead. 

> You will be asked to provide your Name, contact number and an emergency contact upon arrival. These will be held in a sealed box which will only be opened in case of emergency. 

> 2 meter distancing is not possible in the studio, so other measures have been put in place. If everyone is careful, we can do 1 meter+

> Each Student will have their own workspace divided by clear plastic screens; this will be known as your tent. In your tent will be your tools which will have been sanitised. Please do not share tools. Whilst seated in your tent, you may remove your mask. If you need to move around the studio, please put your mask on. 

> I will wear a mask all the time I am in the studio as I will be moving between students. 

> The door will be left open for ventilation. (please pray for a nice day). Dress accordingly. I have heaters, but it might get chilly. 

> Extensive cleaning and surface cleaning will be carried out between sessions. 

> If the weather is unkind, you may sit in the conservatory for lunch. This will be cleaned and sanitised prior to your arrival. 

> The toilet is located in the house. It will be cleaned and sanitised prior to your arrival. There will also be cleaning products provided, please wipe handles and taps after use. 

> If for any reason you feel unwell, or unsafe, please inform me immediately. 

General Fire rules

> Don't touch anything hot. If you're not sure, don't touch. You will not be handed anything hot. 

> If you hear the Fire Alarm sound (it's easily recognisable as me / or you yelling "Fire Fire Fire, get out") Please leave all your belongings and exit the building.

> The fire assembly point is on the drive, by the telegraph pole. 

I know it's a lot of information, but it's all there to keep you and your fellow students safe and happy. If we all stick to the guidelines, the day will run smoothly and we'll have some giggles. I cannot stress enough, if you are unhappy or unsure, just let me know. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.